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About Us

Several years ago, my wife and I sensed an urgency to begin preparing families, neighborhoods, churches and cities to respond quickly and efficiently to disasters. We have put together some basic foundational material to help people survive all different kinds of calamities that may affect their cities.

As you read in Scripture, God ‘sees’ cities. Today our cities are made up of families, neighborhoods, churches and local government. These are the four areas of preparedness we focus our training on.

In the last several years, many people are looking around at world events, weather patterns and geo-political events.  They sense  they need to live their lives in new levels of readiness.. This can be demonstrated by just looking at the weather patterns over the last several years. We have had record breaking years in many categories of storms and devastating events that have impacted humanity.

If that’s not enough, the Scriptures also state the closer we get to Jesus’ return, the more dramatic weather patterns are going to become. There are reasons information is presented in Scripture. With increase in devastating disasters, the Church must mobilize and prepare to respond to these events with clarity and organization. WE DON’T PREPARE OUT OF FEAR, but out of the HOPE we have been given in the Scripture.

We are entering into one of the most exciting and dramatic time this earth has ever seen. The Holy Spirit is pouring out and preparing those who have ears to hear.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Clayton and Maria